Within EZ-MES text Name Value Pairs can be defined. These Name Value Pairs will appear for the Spec Definitions for which they are defined. At the moment a Traveler enters that specific Step Definition, the Configurable Data Entry Section on the Traveler Form will show an entry for the text.

Configure a Text Entry

The following shows a Step by Step description of the definition of a Text Data Entry:



 Additional Text NV Configuration Options

RegEx Validation

To verify syntax inputs on Text NV Entries you can use the 'Check RegEx' option.  Below it you will enter the RegEx Expression used to validate the input syntax.  

You must also make the Name-Value required as well for this to work.

In addition, it can also be helpful to place a custom error message on the Text Name-Value that uses RegEx.  Otherwise, EZ-MES will return a generic error message.  You custom error message can better help the user understand what is required from their incorrect data input.  To do this, go to the Advanced tab.


RegEx Validation Example: Only allow for numbers and letters.  Spaces and special characters would be rejected.


RegEx Expression: ^[a-zA-Z0-9]{1,}$


^ = Starts With

[a-zA-Z0-9] = characters a through z and Z through Z and 0 through 9

{1,} = 1 or more characters 

for example you could require 2 characters with {2,}

or 2 to 4 like {2,4}

$ = Ends With


As the possibility of using Regular Expressions is more or less endless, we like to refer to the Internet for examples and syntax details.