Unique ID Entries can be defined on the Name Value Pair Tab of the Step Definition.

The following figure shows a step by step guide for the Creation of a Unique ID Entry. Specific entry fields are explained in more detail below:


Edit the Unique ID's Data Entry Configuration on the UID Form

To edit the Unique ID NV, select the Step Definition's NV Tab to open a List of all attached NVs and click the Unique ID NV to open the configuration settings.


Keep in mind that after a Unique ID is made, it can't be deleted! It can be reused, and it will then track all history of the previous part having this Unique ID, as well as the current part.

When by accident a Unique ID is created, it is then still possible to assign it to a new Traveler and process it 'again'.

It is possible for different flows to create all their own Unique ID. When the parts that such a flow produces are used in other flows, by consumption, you get great parent-child relation overviews, and you can trace which individual parts are used to create new parts.

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