Work Orders can be created by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Work Order Tab on the left part of the sreen, this will open the Work Order Desktop
  2. On this Desktop open the Work Order Listbox
  3. Press the New Work Order Icon in the upper left corner of this listbox
  4. Fill out the information on the General Tab of the Work Order Dialog / Form.
  5. Click the 'Items' Tab, and define the requested items for this Work Order.
  6. Move the Work Order to the Active Status by pressing the 'Next' Icon

    It is possible that you will get a message: Item already exists, this is caused when the Work Order Number already exists. Change the Work Order number to solve this issue.

The step sequence is shown in the following two figures below:


Information on the General Tab

To create the Work Order the following information can or should be filled out on the General Tab:

  • WO Number: (required) The system will not allow duplicate WO Numbers
  • WO Date: The date you received the Work Order
  • Organization: (required) The organization you would like to ship to, you can use your own organization for internal orders
  • Organization Contact: The organization contact to receive the final shipment
  • PO Number: The Purchase Order number from the customer for the current Work Order
  • Date PO Received: The date the Purchase Order was received
  • Date Required: The date that the final shipment is required by the customer
  • Sales Order Number: The Sales Order number for the Work Order
  • Charge Account: The charge account to be used for the Work Order
  • Amended Date: Amended date for the Date Required section if the customer requires a change in the required date for their PO
  • Export License: Checkbox to indicate that the Work Order requires an export license
  • Other Requirements: Entry section to specify additional details about the Work Order if required


Items Tab

On the Items tab the requested items for this Work Order can be defined. The Organization is already defined on the General Tab and can not be changed on this tab.

Add items by filling out the following information and press the plus sign button when you are done:

  • Part Name: (Required) Select the Part Definition from the pulldown. Remember, all puldowns in EZ-MES are equiped with Intellisense, so just start typing, and the items will filter down based on your input.
  • Flow Definition: Select the Flow Definition from the pulldown. The number of flows is filtered down based on your Part Definition input.
  • Qty: The Quantity of Requested Items you would like to request. This is just used to communicate the requested quantity to the operator. The operator is free to define a different quantity on the Traveler.
  • Price per Unit: The price of the units can be entered in this section.
  • Request Date: (Required) If the customer wishes to receive partial shipments at different dates, you can create different Requested Items with different required dates.
  • Item Comments: Enter additional details about the requested items in this section.

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