All related information of the Work Order can be controlled from this Work Order Form, which consists of the following sections:

  • Header Section with control buttons
  • Left Side Section with buttons
  • Content section with all the tabs

Work Order Form Example

The following figure shows an example of the Work Order Form:


Requested Items Tab

The Requested Items Tab has a list of all requested items and dialog to enter new items by:

  • Part Name: (Required) Select the Part Definitions from the pulldown. Remember, all puldowns in EZ-MES are equiped with  Intellisense, so just start typing, and the items will filter down based on your input.
  • Flow Definition: Select the Flow Definition from the pulldown. The number of flows is filtered down based on your 'Part Name' input.
  • Qty: The Quantity of Requested Items you would like to request. This is just used to communicate the requested quantity to the operator. The operator is free to define a different quantity on the Traveler.
  • Price per Unit: The price of the units can be entered in this section
  • Request Date: (Required) If the customer wishes to receive partial shipments at different dates, you can create different Requested Items with different required dates
  • Item Comments: Enter additional details about the requested items in this section
  • Update Status Independently: Check this box to update the Requested Item independently from the Part State

Attachments Tab

The Attachments Tab provides dialog to upload file attachments that will be linked to the Work Order

Shipments Tab

The Shipments Tab displays a list of shipments linked to the Work order

Part Record Tab

The Part Record Tab displays a list of all Part Records linked to the Work Order

Traveler Tab

The Traveler Tab displays a list of all Travelers linked to the Work Order

Blog Tab

The Blog Tab allows for user and time stamped blog/notes entries for the Work Order

Access Rights Tab

The Access Rights Tab allows configuration of user and user group access to the Work Order

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