Documents can be created in 2 different ways:

  1. From the Document Listbox

    By pressing the New Document Icon on the Document Listbox. Note that the Document will not yet be linked to other EZ-MES objects (e.g. Step Definitions, Flow Definitions etc.), see below.

  2. During linking on the Document Tab
  3. During the process to link Documents you can select '-- New Document --' on the Document Tab on the Forms of the different Configuration Objects. This way the Document and the Link will be created at the same time.

When you created the Document object you will be able to Upload one or more files to the Document.

Create Document from Listbox

Document can be created by taking the following steps (as shown in the picture below):

  1. Click the Configuration Tab, this will open the Configuration Desktop.
  2. On this Desktop open the 'View all Controlled Documents' Listbox.
  3. Press the Create New Controlled Document Icon in this Listbox,
  4. General Tab

    Fill out the information on the general tab of the Document Form 

  5. Use the attach section to Upload one or more external documents.
  6. Move the Controlled Document to the Active State by pressing the 'Next' Icon.

    It is possible that you will get a message: Item already exists, this is caused when the Document Number in combination with the Revision already exists for another Document, change either one of them.

How to Create a New Controlled Document Step by Step

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