It is possible to make a link to an external document using Documents.

This can for example be usefull when an external document management system is available, and you want to refer to documents in that system.

To make this happen, Create a New Document, and as Document Types select General.

 document link 01

On the advanced tab, enter the URL that you want to refer to, where you have two options:

  1. When HTTP is put in the front of the URL, as in the example below, you can make a reference to an external document, outside the EZ-MES server.
  2. Without HTTP it will take your EZ-MES server URL as the starting point, like in and put it behind it. This can be useful to make links to documents that are stored outside the MES system, but on the MES server. This of course will only work when you host your own server and can access the EZ-MES server.

 document link 02

Another option would be to use a Calc to create a link to a document, for example when you have documents that are part specific. An example of such a solution can be found here:  Create Document Link in Calc NV Entry Field.

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