Currently, there is a number of batch edits that can be performed on User Object.  

  • Disable Automated System Emails- This will disable emails from EZ-MES to this User.
  • Stay Logged In- User will remain logged in and will not timeout.
  • Keep Queen Form Open- N/A
  • Disable Auto Print- Accurately
  • Change Password when logged in- Accurately
  • Disable Right Click Menu- Accurately
  • User interface language- Accurately
  • User Location- Accurately
  • Role Data- This section will allow for the modifaction of the Users Roles they are associated with.  There is a separate apply button for this section.  All of your systems roles should dynamically appear in this area.

Batch User Object Form Access

To access the Batch User Object Form you must have the User Listbox open.  From the Listbox you should filter it according to the User(s) that you want to include in the Batch processing.  Use any number of column filtering so only the Users you wish to update are displayed in the Listbox.  Only Users displayed in the Listbox will be modified.

  1. Select Application and Settings Desktop
  2. Select User Management Listbox
  3. Perform filtering to display only the Users you wish to batch edit
  4. Click the Batch Edit Icon.  You will be prompted that you will be editing X number of Users
  5. Choose new values you want to change/add
  6. Click the checkbox if you want to change/add the User Configuration value
  7. Apply Changes



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