The following shows the steps to create a new Menu Item on a desktop.   


Menu Item Configuration

In the Menu Item Configuration you will assign various attributes to the button.  The key attribute will be the On Click button code, and also assignment of the Menu Group you want the button to be displayed in. Example values are:

  • Menu Item Name: Custom Listbox
  • Index: 22
  • sMIoOnClick: 'Paste Code Here' following the sMIoOnClick syntax
  • sMIToolTop: Tool tip name is optional
  • sMIsClassName: Custom01 [ class name is the CSS class used for the icon image]
  • oSt: background color for icon transparency matte
  • Add Menu Item: Select the Menu Group to be used by the new Menu Item.


Additional Menu Item Configuration

In addition to the previous Menu Item Configuration, you would also want to allow special access rights to the new Custom Button.  This will allow only the Groups or Users you assigned the ability to use the new button.


Configuration is now complete.  A browser refresh should show the new changes.

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