To create a new Location take the following steps::

  1. Click the Equipment Execution Desktop Tab, this will open the Equipment Execution Desktop.
  2. On this Desktop open the 'View all Locations Listbox', check if the Location you want to create already exists.
  3. Press the New Location Icon in the upper left corner of this Listbox.
  4. Fill out the information on the General Tab of the Location Form / Dialog.
  5. Fill out the parent location if you would like to define Location Hierarchy.
  6. Move the Location from the Pending to the Active State by pressing the 'Next' Icon.

The sequence of steps is shown in the following figure:


Location Type

The location type is like a hierarchy level following the ISA-95 Part 3 model. The location type can have the following values:

  • Enterprise
  • Site
  • Area
  • Work Center
    Dependent on the type of process, the work center can have different names:
    • Batch Process: Process Cell
    • Continuous Process: Production Unit
    • Discrete Process: Production Line
    • Inventory: Storage Zone
  • Work Unit
    Dependent on the type of process, the work units can have different names:
    • Batch Process: Unit
    • Continuous Process: Unit
    • Discrete Process: Work Cell
    • Inventory: Storage Unit

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