To print a Traveler, take the steps shown in the following figure to print the Traveler Report: How to open the Traveler Listboxes from the Traveler Desktop

To print a Traveler, take the following steps:

  1. Click the Traveler Tab to activate the Traveler Desktop
  2. Open the Traveler Listbox

    Note: By clicking the Print Preview in the 'Active Travelers' Listbox, you will open the Print Preview directly. This way you will be able to skip the step to Open the Traveler Form

  3. Open the  Traveler Form by clicking one of the rows of the Traveler Listbox.

    This will open the Traveler Form

  4. On the Traveler Form you can click the Print Preview button. This will open the report in a new popup.

    Note: You can skip this step by clicking the Direct Print button, doing it this will not give you the option to change the report settings.

  5. Optional Step: Change the report settings. Learn more about the Traveler Report Settings...
  6. Optional Step: If you change any of the report settings, you have to press the refresh button to let the changes take effect.
  7. Click the Direct Print button on the Print Preview popup, this will open the same report in a new browser window. From here you can use the browser print to print the Traveler.

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