The following shows a typical sequence of events for a Traveler from the perspective of the Operator:
  1. Open Traveler Listbox

    The Operator opens the Traveler List Box by clicking the 'Open Active Travelers' icon on the Main Desktop

  2. Open Traveler

    From the List-box the operator identifies the Traveler to be worked on and Opens the Traveler. If the Operator has a Barcode for the Traveler, it is faster to press F9 and scan the Traveler with the Barcode reader.

  3. Create or Pick Parts (only when the Traveler is in the First Step)

    PR48x48AddParts  PR48x48AddParts1 
    The Traveler Form opens. Dependent on the Traveler either one of the following occurs on the first Step:

    1. The Operator fills out the quantity and presses the 'Star' button to Create new Part Records on the Traveler (Part Records represent real world Parts in the system)
    2. The Operator Presses the 'Plus' button and uses the Part Grabber to attach existing parts to the Traveler.
  4. Press Start (i.e. Track In function is enabled)

    Start Button to Start the Processing of the Travelers
    For some steps the Start Button must first be pressed to begin work. If the Start Button is not clicked then the operator will not be able to enter data or sign off the Traveler. Learn more about the Track In feature by clicking this link.

  5. Fill out Data

    Dependent on the configuration the Traveler can show input fields for the Operator to complete. Required fields are shown in bright yellow while optional fields are shown in light yellow.

  6. Sign off without moving the Traveler

    Start Button to Start the Processing of the Travelers  Stop Button to finish processing and depending on the condition the Traveler will move to the next step 
    In some cases it's possible that the operation covers multiple shifts. To keep the sign off signatures for each shift consistent the Traveler can enable the 'Track In' feature for it's steps so that it will not move to the next step until all the work is completed but will allow the operator to stop work and log out from the system. 

    Pressing the 'Stop' button will move the Traveler  to the same step. The following shift can press the 'Start' button when they start their shift and complete their work on the same Traveler.

  7. Move the Traveler to the Next Step

    Stop Button to finish processing and mover traveler to the next step Done Button to move traveler to the next step 
    After the operation is done and the data is filled out, the Operator can sign off the step by pressing the 'Stop' or the 'Done' Button. If any of required data is missing, or if a Process Spec or Product Spec is not met, the Operator will be notified. Dependent on the configuration of the Step Definition

  8. Move Part(s) to Hold

    Operators can always move parts from the Traveler to a Hold Traveler 
    At any point in time, during, before or after processing the Operator can move parts from the Traveler to a Hold Traveler.