The EZ-MES user-interface involves the use of different Desktop Menus where all functionality can be accessed by clicking the menu icons.

By clicking the icons on the left, you can switch between groups of functionality, as described in Desktops. By clicking the ones on the top, it will open popup Forms.

Desktop after login

After you logged into EZ-MES the browser will display the Execution Desktop as shown in the following figure (NOTE: The display can be different, dependent on your user rights / roles):



General Functions on the Desktop

On any Desktop Menu option you are able to access:

  • Chat 
    Start a chat session with one of the other online users. Make sure the Users Online list is open by clicking the chat icon in the upper left corner. From this window you can click any other online user to start a chat session
  • Help
    Open the help pages. (Yellow question mark in the upper left corner)
  • Connection Trend
    Open the connection trend window, to check the internet connection. If the Icon is a pulsating green circle, you are fine. If it changes into a yellow or red exclamation mark, your server connection is poor or non-existant
  • Notepad
    Open a notepad, this notepad will keep the information you typed for other sessions. You can use to keep notes you want to see the next time you login
  • E-Mail
    Use the E-Mail icon in the upper left corner to send e-mails to other users.
  • User Profile
    Open dialog where your personal user profile settings can be configured
  • Switch to other Desktops
    Click on the vertical desktop tabs top open the different desktops and then select the horizontal varying desktop icons to navigate the system.
  • Log off
    Or if you are done, you can log out by clicking the icon in the upper right corner

Useful Links

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