In this simple example we will check a NV Text against an approved list of entries and output custom text dependent on the text entry. If we have a match then custom text is displayed with respect to the entry or else "Error" is displayed. In addition we will block the traveler from moving when we have an Error or Defect condition for any of the attached parts.

Approved Error Code List:

  • D01 - '' (i.e. no entry or null for a Pass condition)
  • D02 - 'Defect#1'
  • D03 - 'Defect#2'

In a Step Definition create a text NV entry to be tested and two calculated NV entries.


Note: The 'Required to Sign Off Step' check box must be ticked on Monitor Calc NV for the traveler block function to work.

Link the text NV 'Scanned Error Code' to the calculated NV 'Error Code'.


Enter the following text into the string formula:

  • IIF([NV]='D01','',IIF([NV]='D02','Defect#1',IIF([NV]='D03','Defect#2','No Scanned Error Code')))

Useful link: Syntax for formulas used in the Calc NV type

Entering the Scanned Error Code now will be monitored by the Calculated NV entry we just configured to display the following:

  • '' for code D01
  • 'Defect#1' for code D02
  • 'Defect#2' for code D03
  • 'No Scanned Error Code' for anything else


Finally we will configure the monitor calculated NV to permit the traveler to proceed and hide the NV as it is not required to be visually present in the traveler.


Enter the following text into the string formula:

  • IIF([NVMON]='','OK to Finish Step','')

Now make the NV entry invisible in the traveler using the Step Definition Advanced Tab section:


Now if we attempt to move the traveler it will be blocked if there is an Error message or defect code present.


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