The NVR Data Report can be used to display data for Part Records that are recent.


The NVR Report has the following inputs:

  • Start Date: Each part in the system has a 'last updated date'. This is the last data that something changed to the part (e.g. moved to the next step of the flow, etc.). This date can be used to filter the part records shown in this spread sheet. The start date is the start of the date interval.
  • End Date: The end date is the end of the date interval.
  • Time Span: When this option is selected, the Start and End Date will be changed accordingly.
  • Value Name: This is a pull down from which you can select any Name Value in the system. When you press refresh it will be added as a column on the list box. This column will show the actual recorded values for this Name Value. You can add as many columns as you want by selecting a value and then press refresh.

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