This Manual details all the additional functions that a supervisor can perform that are not available for operators. In order to see the general actions e.g. placing Traveler on Hold please review the Operator Manual:

  • Creating new Travelers

    Users with only 'user' rights cannot create travelers directly. The only travelers that users can create are (unless configured otherwise by Split NV entries) 'Hold Travelers' to place any number of parts on Hold. The general idea is that 'supervisors' schedule the work by creating Travelers and moving the travelers from the 'pending' to the 'active' state. At the moment the Travelers are in the active state they are visible to the operators.

  • Split Travelers

    At the moment a Traveler is carrying multiple parts, a number of parts can be split of to a new Traveler. After pressing the 'split button' the system will ask which parts to move and will create a new Traveler in the same step. To enable user with 'user' rights only to do the same, configure a Step Definitions with a Split NV data entry.

  • Automatic Reposition of Parts

    A reposition of Parts enables the supervisor to reposition any number of parts of a current Traveler to any other Traveler, or to create a new Traveler.

  • Lot Splitting
    Lots for Discrete parts within EZ-MES can be split into sub-Lots.