You can configure the User Interface to take automatic actions after a user logs in. This is done by using sMIoPostLoad attribute on the Menu Item object. In the followign example we will use the Barcode Menu Item that normally appears in the upper right corner after the user logs in. In this case we add a funciton to open a configuration object once the Menu Item is loaded.

If you would like to open a particular Configuration Definition upon starting the EZ-MES Application up then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the 'Application and User Settings' Menu.
  2. Open the User Management form.
  3. In the listbox, click and open the item that is named 'ScanInput'.


Now that you have the ScanInput Dialog open, add the following string into the sMIoPostLoad.

[{f:'fEZHash', a1:'mEZBarcodeInput', a2:'PD10-000010'}]

Where 'PD10-000010' is, you can replace with any other configuration item you wish.