In order to customize a users log in experience, you should first Create a New User Group:

User Group Values

Group Name: MT_Equipment

Description: Manufacturing Technicians that are responsible for Equipment



Adding Users to the User Group

Now you must add the User(s) that will be included for the new Custom Desktop.  Add the following Users:

  • mteq_user1
  • mteq_user2

After the necessary users are added you MUST move the group to ACTIVE.



Open Server Configuration Form

Follow the number sequence in the image  below to open the Server Configuration Form.  The 3rd sequence number should land you on the Menu Group Tab.



Tab Bar Menu Group Edit

From the Menu Group Tab, our first change will be to the Tab Bar.  The Tab Bar contains all the Desktop Icons that reside in the left side vertical bar.  We only want the MT_Equipment User Group to have access to the Flow Record Desktop/Execution Desktop.  To give permissions for this User Group, we must edit the properties of the Flow Record Desktop.  See the image below, and click to open the 'Tab FR Green' Menu Item.



Tab FR Green Access Rights

With the 'Tab FR Green' Menu Item open you can now use the Pulldown to add the 'MT_Equipment' User Group to the Allowed Group.  Giving this User Group access to the 'Tab FR Green' Desktop icon will still not allow them to view the items that the Desktop Icon is meant to provide.  In our current situation it will merely allow the 'MT_Equipment' Group to see the Icon.  We must further our desired icons to be displayed.

Note, that if you do not see you User Group it is probably because you did not move it to Active when you created it.



Editing Menu Items for Tab FR Green

We would like to extend the options of what our standard 'User' group currently has on the 'Tab FR Green' desktop.  Currently the 'User' can view the Active Travelers (FRViewActNowList), Active Parts (PRListActive), and Documents (DCIListFiltered).  We will extend this by giving the 'MT_Equipment' Group the ability to create a New Equipment Traveler.



Execution Desktop Menu Items ACCESS RIGHTS

Now is time to add the new MT_Equipment group to the Access Rights of the Active Travelers (FRViewActNowList), Active Parts(PRListActive), and Documents (DCIListFiltered).  


We will add the MT_Equipment Group to the Allowed Groups for the Active Travelers (FRViewActNowList), but the same procedure should be followed for Active Parts(PRListActive), and Documents (DCIListFiltered).



After this is completed for Active Travelers (FRViewActNowList), Active Parts(PRListActive), and Documents (DCIListFiltered) we can now work on adding the fourth icon.

Adding EQNewInstanceEQMT Icon to Desktop

To do this, we will clone the existing Create New EQ Traveler (EQNewInstance) Menu Item from the Execution EQ.  



After the clone is completed, we will make the following changes.

  • Rename the Menu Item Name: EQNewInstanceMTEQ
  • Change Menu Item Group: MG09-000005 Execution
  • Add to Allowed Groups: MT_Equipment




You have just completed a customized User Group Desktop!  From this point forward, any users that are in the MT_Equipment User Group will have the following Desktop when they log in.