It is possible to customize almost any Listbox in EZ-MES.  You may or may not display columns to your liking. You can swap the columns around or display different object attributes, so that the listbox suites your particular needs. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Open the Menu Item for the Listbox you want to customize.
  2. Now you have to edit the sMIoOnClick Menu Item atribute on the Menu Item Form.
  3. Best is to copy the default JSON content of one of the JSON for the sMIoOnClick of existing listboxes as a start for your changes. This overview contains the default settings for many listboxes.
  4. You can either edit this JSON in an text editor like Notepad or you can use the online JSON viewer link.
  5. After you made your changes, you can paste it in the input field for the sMIoOnClick field.
  6. Press CTRL F5 to see the effect of your changes in the browser.

Extensive manual on customizing listboxes: 

JSON for sMIoOnClick Attribute

Below is a image that shows you a bit of how we give you the ability to use JSON for the sMIoOnClick attribute to customize a listbox to your liking.

Listbox Column Attributes

Every column will have a few Listbox Column Attributes for column display.  These attributes tell the system information from what data to display to the size of the column.  

A noteworthy attribute is the iType.  Learn about the iType Attribute here.