For a number of Forms variables can be defined. These variables can be linked to almost any type of information in the EZ-MES Database.

Adding Variables

You can add as many variables you want. These variables can then be used as string replacements in E-Mail Templates, string replacements in Barcode Label Implementation and variables for the Name-Variable of the Calc Type.

NOTE: Any lower-case characters for the variable name will be changed into upper-case when the variable is added. Make sure you only use upper-case when you are using the variables in E-Mail Templates or Barcode Labels.

The following figure shows an example for a 'Add variables section' on a E-Mail Template:

How to add varibles on a form

To add variables take the following steps:

  1. Click the 'Change Variable Type' button to get the type you want to add.
  2. Select the Variable form the pulldown, or type in the name if it is a manual text entry.
  3. Define the Name for the Varible. NOTE: any lower-case characters will be changed into upper-case characters when the variable is added.
  4. Click the 'Plus' button in the 'Varible Name' field.
  5. The added variable will appear in the 'Variable(s)' text-area.
  6. Start with step 1 if you want to add more variables. The new variables will be shown in the 'Variable(s)' text-area.

Removing or Editing an existing Variable

Variables that show up in the 'Variable(s)' Text area can be removed or edited by redefining the variable. If you want to remove the variable, just fill out the variable name you would like to remove, and press the plus sign while the input is empty.

Variable Types

The possible variables are split in groups (types). By clicking the 'Change Variable Type' button, you can switch between the different variable types:

  • Name-Value Pair

    Icon to represent Name Value Pairs
    The label will show: 'Variable NV'. Select the Name-Value Pair of the Part Definition you would like to use as a variable.

  • Specs

    Icon to represent Specification

  • Manual Input

    Icon to represent manual input string
    Use this type to enter any text string you want.

  • Predefined Values

    Icon to represent Predefined System Variables
    There is a large list of predefined variables that can be used to access all kinds of informtation.

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