Fields on the Tab:

  • Title: You can give a Title to the attachment you plan on uploading.  This will appear in the 'Record Title' column of the listbox.  If you do not specify a Title, then the filename will be given in its place.
  • Description: A short Description can be given to the attachment you are uploading.  This Description appears to the right of the listbox.
  • File Upload: Use the Browse button to select the file you wish to upload.  File formats are irrelevant, as the system will allow an upload of any file type.
  • Add Another: This allows the upload of multiple files with the click of the Upload button.  All files will be uploaded with the same 'Title' and 'Description' attributes, unless they are not defined.
  • Upload: After the file(s) have been selected, you can now click the Upload button.
  • Attachment Listbox: All attachments will be displayed within the listbox.  You can also download the attached document using the link provided.


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