Using the Name Value Pair File Attachment you can force or allow the user to attach a file to the Traveler or to the individual Part Records that are attached to the Traveler. For example you can collect and store images, data files or test results to the Part Record.

The following figure show how the File Attachment Data Entry can be defined:

How to configure a data entry for a file attachment

To define a File Attachment Data Entry, take the following steps:

  1. Enter the Label

    Select the Step Definitions and click the Name Value Pair Tab.

  2. Select 'File Attachment' Type

    From the Types of Configurable Name Values pulldown you select 'File Attachment'. (Only define the 'Input to Output' if you want the File Attachment Data Entry to show up for specific products, if it is not defined the Data Entry will show up for all products passing through this step)

  3. Batch or Individual

    For the File Attachment the following will happen for the different options:

    • Batch

      A new Record Object will be created, and a link to this record will be attached to the Traveler. Each Part Record  that is attached to the Traveler will get a link to this File Attachment Record as well. Note: The attached files and the Record Object containing these files will only exist once in the system. Multiple links can exist that will link to this single object.

  4. Required or not?

    When the 'Required to Complete Step' is Checked, the Traveler will only be able to move to the next step if at least one file is uploaded to the Record Object.

  5. Click the 'Add' Button

    After pressing the 'Add' button the new configured data entry will appear in the Name-Value Pairs list. For any Traveler using this Step Definition, this entry will now show up.