On the Name Value Pair Tab of the Step Definition different Name Value Pairs Types can be defined. Click one of the following NV Types to learn more:

  1. NV BOM Consumption (Material Consumption)
    Bill of Materials can be defined on the 'BOM tab' on the Part Definition Form. By defining a BOM Name Value entry, the BOM Part Records that will pass through this Step Definition will be consumed automatically when the 'plus' sign is pressed
  2. NV Calculated Value
    Calculated values can be used to display the result of EZ-MES calculation(s) or trigger specific Events/Actions and can use any number of the user input arguments. Even Name-Values entered in previous steps can be used in the calculation to configure EZ-MES to behave however you wish dependant on the process data collected.
  3. NV Check Box
    Will display a simple check box on the Traveler Form for the operator to check or leave unmarked
  4. NV Condition
    The Condition NV is used for operations that can last multiple shifts/days to track parts processed and to let operators sign out without signing off the step. The Condition NV makes it possible to maintain traceability of all operators and the work they performed over the duration of the step
  5. NV Consumption (Material Consumption)
    The Consumption NV enables the operator to consume any other Part Record or a part from a Part Record when the Traveler moves through this operation
  6. NV Contact
    The Contact Name Value Pair is used to record the contact person in an organization 
  7. NV Counter
    The Counter Name Value Pair is used to keep track of the number of executions in a certain step e.g. use counter for equipment monitoring for preventive maintenance
  8. NV Date (Date Entry alone)
    Opens the a small calendar to record a date entry 
  9. NV Date Time (Date and Time Entry)
    Opens a small calendar to record a date and the current time (Default) or a custom time entry. This Name Value Pair is useful to record current time stamps in EZ-MES
  10. NV Description
    The Description NV is used to record unlimited size text entries in EZ-MES. A Description NV has up and down scroll buttons for operators to navigate the entry if it exceeds the dimensions of the display cell
  11. NV Equipment
    This Name Value Pair enables an operator to connect defined Equipment Records to the Traveler's Step Definition. Equipment NVs let operators choose specific Equipment Records when the Traveler is using the equipment. These Equipemnt NVs are very useful for tracking equipment use or for tracing Part Records that have been processed by specific equipment e.g. for Part recalls due to equipment non-comformity or for preventive maintenance equipment procedures
  12. NV File Attachment
    The File Attachment NV allows operators to upload files using a more streamlined interface than the standard file attach option. Pressing the 'plus' sign the user creates a new Record Object and can quickly upload files directly into this Record Object
  13. NV Form
    The Form NV is used to display a data input window for the Traveler step. The Form is useful to provide custom titled forms to clearly separate data input sections on a Step e.g. instead of a long sequence of data inputs one after the other EZ-MES can use multiple forms to handle the user interface like 'Calibration Section', 'Test 1', 'Test 2' or 'Process 1'
  14. NV Label Printed
    The Label Printed NV provides an automatically marked check box when the label for the step has been printed and is used to avoid double printing of system labels 
  15. NV Location
    Operators use this NV to assign both Part Records and Equipment Records to predefined Locations in EZ-MES e.g. Inventory Room, Process Line 1 Station 2 etc...
  16. NV Lot
    Part Records connected to a Traveler can be grouped into a Lot Object and by using the Lot Listbox operators can effectively manage their Lots/Batches. The Lot entry can be automated to produce any desired format by confirugin the specific Syntax - Lot / Unique.
  17. NV MSWord
    The MSWord NV provides a preconfigured template that can import the data collected using EZ-MES and is useful for generating custom Traveler reports or documents e.g. Certificates of Conformity, datasheets etc... 
  18. NV Number
    The Number NV is used exclusively for numeric entries. When a non numeric value is entered the user is notified and the entry rejected. Use the Number NV for all exclusively numeric entries for plotting trend charts/histograms or mathematical calculations etc...
  19. NV Organization
    The Organization NV will create a pull down showing the Organizations defined in EZ-MES and offers a selection of filters in the configuration to show Customers, Suppliers and Manufacturers
  20. NV Part Definition
    The Part Definition NV allows the user to select a Part Definition configured in the system 
  21. NV Pulldown
    Configure your own custom pull downs to limit the number of data entries, and prevent typos or other erroneous data entries
  22. NV Qty Edit
    The Quantity Edit NV Type allows the user to change the quantity of Part Record on the Traveler. The user clicks the exclamation mark after the new quantity value is entered to submit the change
  23. NV Sample Part
    The Sample Part NV allows part(s) be taken off of the current Traveler by an operator e.g. take sample part off Traveler for quality inspection
  24. NV Sample Part Flow
    The Sample Part Flow NV allows for a part(s) sample to be split from the current Traveler and then moved to a specified new Traveler with a predefined process flow e.g. take sample part and place on reliability test flow for testing procedure, part conversion and state change
  25. NV Sequencer
    The sequencer NV takes attached parts on a Traveler and numerically sequences. The sequence starts with 1 and increments till all Part Records on the Travelerhave an assigned number
  26. NV Signature
    The Signature NV is used to create a virtual sign off signature that can be configured for approval by select users or members of user groups e.g. use signature for supervisor or line manager approval of work completed 
  27. NV Split
    The Split NV can be use to split off Part Records from one Traveler to a new or an existing Traveler
  28. NV Split Part
    Can be used to split Part Records or parts from a Part Record from a Traveler without creating a new Traveler. The Split Part NV is ideal for scrapping parts/material e.g. Parts to be scrapped in a process flow typically just need to have their Part State changed from WIP to scrapped for inventory as the traceability of the parts is no longer an issue
  29. NV SQL
    The SQL Adapter NV can write or read to/from an external SQL Database
  30. NV Text
    The Text NV is used for general text entry and can contain alphanumeric or special characters e.g. 说明, Περιγραφή, Mô tả etc...
  31. NV Unique ID (UID)
    The Unique ID NV is used to manually input or auto generate custom UID values e.g. Serial Numbers, RMA numbers, Asset Numbers etc... The UID entry can be automated to produce any desired format by confirugin the specific Syntax - Lot / Unique ID's
  32. NV User - User Group
    The User and User Group NV allows the admin to select only an approved User/User gropu from the EZ-MES system 

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