The Name Value Form (a.k.a. Configurable Data Entry Form) gives you access to all the attributes of the Name Value Pairs. The following figure shows an example to the Name-Value Pair Dialog / Form. The different items are discussed in more detail below the figure.


State and Creation Information

The section in the upper left corner will show who created the Name Value, and its Object states:

Pending, Active or Deleted
 New48x48 Status48x48Done Status48x48Deleted

Header Buttons

  • Refresh:
    Press this button to update the information in the Flow Definition Form
    Will requery the information for this Name Value from the server. Press the Refresh button if you think the information displayed in the form requires updating

Left Control Buttons

  • Clone:
    Creates a clone of the current Name Value Pair. When a Clone is first created you must select the Step Definition that you would like to link/connect the Name Value Pair.
  • Delete / Undelete:
    Press this button to delete the Name Value
    Moves the Name Value to the Deleted state and is removed from it's linked/connected Step Definition. Only the System Admin  has the rights to undelete the Name Value Pair.
  • Disconnect:
    Use this button to relocate a Name Value Pair from one Step Definiton to another


Advanced Tab

The Advanced Tab for the NV object allows configuration of the following:

  • Row Height - Define row height (Default 16px)
  • Multi Line Input - Checkbox to permit multi line input
  • Disable Links - Checkbox to disable links for the NV
  • Read Only - Checkbox to make the NV Read Only
  • Hide NV - Checkbox to hide the NV from appearing in the Traveler
  • Error Message - Error messages linked to the NV
  • Category - Select or create new Category for the NV
  • Parent NV - Select the Parent NV
  • Parent NV Display - Enter Parent NV Display
  • NV Group - Input the NV Group name

Data Tab

The Data Tab shows all the data record values for this specific Name Value Pair and settings for the Chart Viewer feature:


  • Chart Title
  • X-Axis Title
  • Y-Axis Title
  • Chart Type: Line or Histogram

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tab

The SPC Tab allows configuration of the SPC Report and the SPC Check feature for live SPC analysis of your process flow variables.

The SPC Plot Setting gives the user access to the X-Axis Units:

  • Number
  • Date
  • Unique Identifier
  • Lot
  • Unique Identifier + Lot

The SPC Main Settings lets the user:

  • SPC Enable - Checkbox to enable SPC Check feature
  • Include Archive Data - Checkbox to include archived data in EZ-MES
  • Block Traveler - Checkbox to prevent Traveler from moving ahead if SPC violation occurs
  • SPC Alarm Event - Select pre-configured Event to be used if SPC violation occurs

Where Used Tab

The Where Used Tab shows a list of all the Step Definition that use this specific Name Value Pair.

Blog Tab

The Blog Tab shows a list of all Blog entries for the NV and allows the addition of new Blogs/Notes with time and user stamped entries

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