Name Value Pairs always have to be connected to a Step Definition. So a new Name Value Pair can only be created on the Name Value Pair Tab of the Step Definition Form.

To create a new Name Value Pair take the following steps: (The steps are shown in the figure below)

  1. Click the Configuration Tab, this will open the Configuration Desktop
  2. On this Desktop open the Step Definition Listbox
  3. Find/Open the Step Definitions by clicking in the Step Definitions Listbox, or if the Step Definition does not exist, first Create a New Step Definitions
  4. Click the Name Value Pair Tab on the openened Step Definition Form.
  5. Fill out the General Attributes (find more information below)
  6. Fill out the Value Type Attribute section. This section is dependent on the selected Type of Configurable Name Values in the General Attribute section. For most Types this section will not appear on the form.
  7. Click the 'Plus Sign' button to add the Name Value Pair to the list.
  8. In the list change the Seq field if you want to Change the Order Sequence of Name Values in which they will appear on the Traveler for the operator.

NOTE: For a number of the different Name Value Types not all attributes can be accessed through the Name Value Pair Tab. For these types the Name Value Pair Form has to be opened by clicking the NV in the listbox.

The following figure shows the steps to create the new Name Value Pair:


General Data Entry Attributes

General Data Entry Attributes are the Attributes That have to be defined for each Name Value Pair:

  • Name

    The Name entered in this field will show up as the Label for the Data Entry on the Traveler. It will also be used, in combination with Step Operation Number, to identify the Data Entry if it is used in calculations.

  • Input to Output

    The Data Entries can be made Part Specific, so the Step can be configured that the traveler only requires a Data Entry if a specific part is moving through a step. This way you can reuse Step Definitions while customizing them for different parts. For most uses this field can be left empty. Incase you want to enable it, select the Input/Output combination from the pull down.

  • Individual vs Batch

    Batch Data Entries will have a single input field for all parts on the Traveler. The individual option will show individual data entries for each part as well.

  • Required to Complete Step

    If this check box is checked, the Traveler will not be able to move to the next step if no value is entered in the traveler input field.

  • Required to Sign Off

    For steps with a condition this check will require the user to first enter these values before the processing of the Step can be stopped. This is a rare case, so for most Name Values this entry can be ignored.

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