A Radio Style Data Entry allows for only a single item to be checked within a group at any given time.  If another checkbox in the group is checked, the previously checked item becomes unchecked.



To create a Radio Style Listbox / Radio Button style of data entry you must first Create a New Name Value Pair.  In this Form NV, you must then add the necessary Checkbox NV Types that are needed to make a Radio Style List.

For each Checkbox NV to be part of the Radio List, you must provide the same value in the NV Group Attribute as shown in the image below.  This example shows NV's Radio 1 and Radio 2 are part of the Same Radio List.  The NV Checkbox 1 does not have any value for the NV Group, therefore it will act alone as a Checkbox NV.




Usage of the Radio Style List

When A Traveler is at a Step that Contains a Form NV Entry, the operator will simply click the Form Icon.  This opens up the Entry Form containing the additional NV's.  In here you will see the both 'Radio 1' and 'Radio 2', along with 'Checkbox 1'.

'Radio 1' and 'Radio 2' will only allow for one at a time to be checked, while 'Checkbox 1' acts independently.



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