We will need to create a new Flow Definition to be able to create the Equipment Records that represent the real life equipment. When this Flow Definition is executed, the following properties have to be defined for each Equipment Record:

  • Unique ID (The name that identifies this specific piece of equipment)
  • General equipment attributes
  • Location
  • Equipment counters (to determine if it is time for PM)

To achieve this the new Flow Definition will need steps that assign these properties. So first a number of Step Definitions are Created.

Create New Step Defintions

In this example, we will use a  Step Definition for each Name Value Pair needed.  However, you can also combine all Name Value Pairs on a single Step Definition.

Create the following Step Definitions:

1: Assign Unique Equipment ID

Create this Step Definition using the following information:


2: Assign General Equipment Attributes

For this Step we will define general Equipment attributes that are used for any type of Equipment. We Create the Step Definition using the following information:

3: Assign Equipment Location

During this Step the Equipment is attached to a Location. We Create the Step Definition using the following information:

4: Assign Equipment Specific Attributes

During this step the attributes that are specific for this Equipment Definition are assigned to the  Equipment Records passing through this step.

Because this step is specific for this Equipment Definition we will constrain this Flow Definition by adding an Input-Output constraint. By adding this constraint, the  Flow Definition 'knows' which type of equipment to make when a Flow Record is started.

We Create the Step Definition using the following information:

Define the Flow Definition

Now the Step Definitions for this Create Equipment flow are defined, we can create a new Flow Definition.

First we have to fill out the information on the Flow Defintion General Tab:


After filling out the Flow Defintion General Tab, the Step Definitions can be added to the Flow Definition. This happens on the 'Steps' tab of the Flow Defintion Form.