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Within EZ-MES you can configure the system to have full traceability for any piece of equipment you want to track (Or more general, any asset). Besides having records of all equipment runs and parts that went through it, you are able to manage the preventive maintenance, and keep track of unscheduled maintenance.


AKA: Equipment Management is also known as Asset Managment, Tool Management, Tool Tracking, CMMS Computerized Machine Maintenance System, etc.

Getting Started

If you did not configure any equipment within EZ-MES we would like to recommend that you first go over the Getting Started pages for the EZ-MES Asset Management module. Get started...

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Equipment Definition vs Equipment Record

You can see the Equipment Definition as an equipment category, the Equipment Records are one on one related to actual equipment in the real world. E.g. you can have a single Equipment Definition for a type of oven, and have 10 of these ovens on your production floor resulting in 10 Equipment Records.

Basic Asset Management Configuration

The simplest possible configuration for Asset Management is to create Equipment Instances that have unique ID's. On Step Definitions that use Equipment you can now use the Equipment Name-Value Pair to link the Actual Equipment Instance to the Part Records that will go through this Step Definition.

Having it configured like this will give already give the following benefits:

  • For each part you know which equipment instance was used.
  • You will know when the equipment is used for that part

This minimum configuration will require the following steps:

  1. Create new Equipment Definitions
  2. Create a Flow Definition that will create Serialized Equipment Instances
  3. Link the Equipment Definition to a Step Definition
  4. View direct on the Equipment record when parts went through the Equipment