This page explains the various variables that can be used within the JSON scripts used in EZ-MES Validator.


  • <%run%> - Each time you run the validator, a sub-folder is created with the details for that particular run. The validator keeps track of these sub-folders/runs and this can be used to create a variable within your script.
  • <%loop%> - This variable is obtained from the current iteration of iLoop.
  • <%rev%> - This displays the revision of your current application
  • <%date%> - Displays the current date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD


After running my sample script two seperate times with a iLoop of 5, you will see that it created a total of 10 parts.  Notice how I composed the NVValue syntax that wrote to the UID.

"NVValue": "<%run%>-<%loop%>-<%rev%>-<%date%>"

Script Variable Example:

{"sSOAP_Call": "mRunScript",
"sScriptName": "API_mFR_New",
"iLoop": 5,
"arScriptLines": [{
"sTitle": "--- Start a New Traveler Make New Parts ---",
"sAPI": "mFR_New",
"S_o": {
"arSendErrorEmailTo": ["This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.";],
"oFD": {
"sFDNumber": "FD13-000000015",
"sFDRN": "A"
"oPD": {
"sPDPN": "PD01",
"sPDRN": "A",
"iReqQty": 1,
"sVPSuffix": ""
"arParts": [{
"Type": "Make",
"iQty": 1,
"sPR": "sPR",
"arNV": [{
"NVJob": "NV13-000000059",
"NVValue": "<%run%>-<%loop%>-<%rev%>-<%date%>"
"sFileName": "mFR_New_Result.json"


Using ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues and ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR / ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR / ValidatorOnly_bInputValues and ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR / ValidatorOnly_sInputValuePR

Before beginning this, it is important to know the following:

ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR writes to sFR ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR writes to sPR

Calls that adhere to Output and Input Variables


  • mFR_New - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValuePR, Output value: ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR
  • mFR_MakeLot - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR, Output value: ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR
  • mRepositionFR - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR , Output value: ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR and ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR
  • mMoveFR - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR , Output value: ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR and ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR
  • mFR_AttachParts - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR , Output value: ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR
  • mFR_MoveToStep - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR, Output value: ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR
  • mWriteNVValueToPRID - Listen to ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR



Specifying OutputValues should be done within the script "S_o" object.  You must use both ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues and ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuesFR or ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuesPR for the variable to occur.  




ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues sets the boolean to be used,  while ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR or ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR is the value for the variable name.




ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues allows you to set variable values based on the API return.  For instance, if you wanted to use the FR (Traveler Number) you just created in a later part of the script.

"ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues": true,
"ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR": "sFR1"
or"ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues": true,
"ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR": "sPR1"


Specifying InputValues should be done within the script "S_o" object.  You must use both ValidatorOnly_bInputValues and ValidatorOnly_sInputValueFR or ValidatorOnly_sInputValuesPR for the variable to occur.  

ValidatorOnly_bInputValues sets the boolean to be used.  When this is set to true, it will automatically be used on either the sPR attribute or the sFR attribute.  Keep in mind that there are reserved API calls listed above that allow for this variable.

"ValidatorOnly_bInputValues": true,
"ValidatorOnly_sOutputValueFR": "sFR1"
or"ValidatorOnly_bOutputValues": true,
"ValidatorOnly_sOutputValuePR": "sPR1"

Create your own variables using arReplaceValues

This value is set in the script header section.  What it allows you to do is create variables for use in your script that are used through-out the rest of the script.  It helps to quickly changes values in your script all in one location

"arReplaceValues":[{"sKey": "ScriptNumber","sValue": "1x"},{"sKey":"Title","sValue":"My Script"}]

Calling this variable later on would be done like this: "sScriptName": "MakeFRsPartsAndConsume - <%ScriptNumber%>"

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