This sample will require that you first download and install the EZ-MES Validator.

Flow Defintion Configuration

You must Create New Flow Definition for Inventory Receiving with the following configuration

  • Name: Inventory Receive Flow
  • Flow Definition Number: FD-INV01
  • Revision: A
  • Flow Definition Type: Make Part
  • Part State When Active: WIP
  • Part State When Done: RMI


Step Definition Configuration

Now you can Create a New Step Definitions and Add the Step Definition to the Flow Definition just created.  Use the following configuration

  • Name: Receive Inventory
  • Operation Number: SD01
  • Revision: A

Adding New Name Value Pair to the Step Definition.  These two NV's will be a Unique ID and a Text Value. The Unique ID NV will be used to keep track of your internal unique ID / Serial Number.  The additional NV is just a sample of other data that can be recorded while receiving inventory.  Feel free to add as many Name-Values necessary to satisfy your process.

Name Value 1 - 

  • Name: UID
  • Value Type: Unique ID


Name Value 2 - 

  • Name: Supplier SN
  • Value Type: Text


Part Definition Configuration

This sample Part Definition will be used in our script.  It is the Part that we will be receiving into inventory. Create a New Part Definition, and use the following configuation.

  • Part Name: Widget
  • Part Number: PD001
  • Part Revision: A


Usage in EZ-MES Validator

You can now run the script within the EZ-MES Validator. You will notice that a Traveler is created, Part Record is created, Name-Values are written to, and then the Traveler is signed off.

Make sure that you have a proper EZ-MES Validator Configuration.

If any changes are needed to be made to the sample script to accomodate for differences in your application versus the example, please make those adjustments now.  The file is available for download on the bottom of this page.


Script Execution

Perform the Script Execution.


Explanation of Script

for detailed explanation of the calls used in the script please see the following API Links

mFR_New API Details

mFR_MoveToStep Details





Useful Links

Download this file (mFRNew_InvReceive.txt)Validator Script File - mFRNew Receive Inventory[This script receives inventory using EazyWebservices SOAP API]0.9 kB