Flow Definitions can be created from the Configuration Desktop. A Flow Definition is created by filling out the required information on the Flow Definition Form.

The following figure shows how to start a new Flow Definition:


The Flow Definition is created by taking the following steps:

  1. Click the Configuration Tab to display the Configuration Desktop. 
  2. Click the Flow Definition Listbox
  3. Click the 'New Flow Defintion' Icon in the upper left corner of the Listbox. This will open the Flow Definition Form
  4. Fill out the fields on the General Tab as described above

    Note: the following fields are Required Data:

    • Flow Name + Flow Number + Revision
    • Part States during processing the flow + Part State at End of Flow.

    Note: Flow Number + Revision have to be unique

  5. Click the 'Flow Steps' Tab to Add Step Definition to a Flow Definition
  6. Move the Flow Defintion from Pending to Active by pressing the 'Next' Icon: It is only possible to select Active Flow Definitions to Create new Flow Record / Traveler

    Below are the requiements are shown to move the Flow Definition to Active.

Requirements for a Flow Definition to move to the Active State

Before a Flow Definition can be moved from the Pending state to the Active state the 'Flow Design' has to fullfill a number of conditions:

  1. Required Data is Filled out

    All required data on the General Tab of the Flow Definition Form has to be filled out. If data is missing, the related input fields will turn red (pink) and a 'Please fill out required Data' message will appear.

  2. Flow Number + Revision is Unique

    The combination of the 'Flow Number' and 'Revision' has to be unique, if another Flow Definition with the same 'Flow Number' and 'Revision' already exists in the system, it will not possible to move the Flow Definition to the Active state and you will get a message: Item already exists. To solve this issue, change either the Flow Number or Revision to create a unique combination.

  3. At least one Step

    The Flow Definition should have at least one step connected to the Flow Definition. If no steps are defined an error message will appear on the General tab, in the 'Calc Messages' field, of the Flow Definition Form.

  4. Valid Input - Output Combination

    The Input - Output combinations of the Step Definitions should result into, at least one valid Input - Output combination of the Flow Definition. If this is not the case a message will appear on the General tab, in the 'Calc Messages' field, of the Flow Definition Form.

When all these conditions are met, the Flow Definition can be moved to active, and can be used to Create new Flow Record / Traveler.

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