The Flow Definitions Listbox can be found on the Configuration Desktop.

The following figure shows a 'Step by Step' on how to open the list box containing the Flow Definitions. Clicking one of the rows in the Listbox will open the Flow Definition Form for that specific Flow Definition. If you can not find it because there the box contains many flows, try to use Filtering Listboxes.

TIP: Flow Definitions are hyperlinked on most reports and on a number of objects, like Flow Records / Travelers. That can be another fast way to open them.



The listbox also shows the status of the flows, and there are buttons to filter on the status. 



The columns of the Listbox show a selected set of information for each Flow Definition:

  • Calc Pressing this icon will recalculate the flow

    Refresh24x24 Flows are only recalculated when the move to the Active State, or when the Recalc Button on the Flow Definition Form or this icon on the Listbox is pressed

  • Flow Definition: A combination of the Flow Number, Revision and Flow Name
  • Status: Status of the Flow Definitions (Pending, Active, Closed or Deleted)
  • Calc Status: Status result of the calculation of the Flow Definition. A flow calculation can result in the following 'Calculation States':
    • Error: The calculation resulted in an error. This can be caused by a number of factors, e.g. No steps defined, or no possible routing path can be calculated. To see what the actual error message is, open the Flow Definition Form and the error message is displayed on the General Tab. A flow with an error cannot be used to create new Flow Records / Travelers.
    • Warning: The calculation resulted in a Warning. The warning can be caused by the fact that one of the flow elements is still in the Pending state. To find out what is happening, open the Flow Definition form and look at the message on the General Tab. A flow with a Warning can be used to Create New Travelers
    • OK: No problems were found during the calculation for this flow. The flow can be used to create New Travelers
  • Flow Definition Type: Flow Definition can be of the following types:
    • Part
    • Equipment
    • Change
  • Create Parts: If checked, the Travelers made with this Flow Definition will Create Part Records. If not checked the Traveler has to grab parts from inventory at the first Step
  • No Constraint: If checked Travelers created using this Flow Definition will be able to move any kind of Spec Definition. If not checked the Travelers can only move a limited number of Part Definitions through this Flow
  • Step Qty: Number of Steps in this Flow Definition
  • Calc Step: Calculated Number of Steps in this Flow Definition
  • Path Qty: Number of possible pathes through this Flow Definition
  • Out Qty: Number of Possible Output Parts for this Flow Definition
  • Parts: Summary of the Part Conversion during the flow. How the input part of this flow is transformed to a different output part
  • 2nd Last Column: Part state when the Traveler is in the flow
  • Last Column: Part state when the Traveler is finished

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