In the Part Definitions Form Event Tab, you can add or creating Event Definitions that will give you a powerfull way to take automated actions in Steps.

To add an Event, make sure that is already defined, and then connect it to its step:

  1. From the EZ-MES Desktop, select the Configuration Desktop
  2. Click the 'Step Definitions' icon.
  3. From the Step Definition Listbox, choose the Step Definition you would like to edit, and add the Event.
  4. While in the Step Definition form, choose the Event Tab
  5. Pull down from the 'Add Event' listbox and select the Event Definition you wish to add
  6. Select if you would like to attach the Event to the Part or the Traveler (read more on attaching events to Parts or Travelers)
  7. Click the 'Add Event' icon to add to the listbox.



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