Lot Options are found on the Advanced Tab of the Flow Definition Form / Advanced

FR Merge Conditions

Default-Allow Mulitple IDs on FR

This is the default action taken when Lots are moved from a Source Traveler to a Destination Traveler.  It will not touch any Lot information on the Part Records.  The result would be that any number of different Lots can be placed on a single Traveler. 



Do Not Merge on FR containing Different ID

If any number of selected Parts have a different Lot ID then that of the Destination Traveler, the merge will not be allowed.  A warning message will appear.



Overwrite Source ID with Destination ID

Any Source Traveler Parts will have their Lot ID overwritten by the Destination Traveler Lot ID.  This includes Source Parts with multiple Lot ID's.  They will all carry the Destination Traveler Lot ID once the move is completed.  

It is important to note that any previous Lot NV's will not reflect the changed Lot.  This Lot NV data is kept for historical purposes.  The actual Part Record, however, does contain its most current transitioned Lot ID.

Before Lot Merge onto a single Traveler



After Lot's have been merged onto a single Traveler



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