The Input / Output Form is displaying the Input / Output information on the Step Definitions tab.

To access the Input Output form, you must first create a Input/Output on the main Step Definition Form as shown below.


The following figure shows the Input Output / Dialog with the different areas

Input Output Dialog

Add New Name-Value Pair

If you want to add a Name Value Pair that is specific to the this Input Output combination, you can fill out the information in the Name Value Pair section, and press the 'Add NV' button. The following page gives a step by step description on how to add a Name Value but now on the Name Value Pair Tab of the Step Definition.

Deleting a Name-Value Pair

To delete a Name Value Pair press the Delete Icon at the right end of the row shown in the list box. It is possible that the Delete Icon is not vissible, resize the window, or scroll to the right. To let the changes take effect, move the Step Definition back to 'Active'.

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