The Operator Manual shows the EZ-MES application from the perspective of a user with only a 'user' role assigned to her. This 'Operator' profile will limit the functionality that is available to this user.


Operators can perform the following tasks:

Most of these tasks can be accessed from the Desktop. (Learn more on how to use the Desktop) From the Desktop a list of travelers can be opened from which you can open any of the travelers displayed.

Working with Travelers

Within EZ-MES Travelers are used to move parts from one Operation to another. The Traveler contains all information to perform the specific task. From the Traveler Form a number of standard operations can be performed.

Custom Actions Based on the Configuration of the Flow Definition

Any Traveler in EZ-MES is connected to a Flow Definition. The following is a list of actions that the operator can encounter dependent on the configuration of the Flow Definition. Besides the actions that are defined by the configuration of the system the operator is able to perform any of the following actions:

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