Process States to see if Parts are CUED, INPROCESS, or DONE

Part Records and Travelers have a Process State. The Process State shows if the Traveler is waiting to be processed, started processing, or is done. The Process State of the Traveler defines the Process State of the Part Records that are connected to the Traveler.

The Traveler and the Part Record connected to the Traveler can have the following Process States:

Status48x48CUED  CUED: Waiting to be processed   Status48x48INPROCESS  INPROCESS: Being Processed

To configure Travelers to move into the 'INPROCESS' state can be done on the Step Definition by enabling Track-in enabled, it will have a start button and pressing the Start/Process button will move the parts on the Traveler to the 'INPROCESS' State.

 FR48x48Start => Status48x48INPROCESS

Immediately after pressing the Start button a Stop button appears on the traveler. The Stop button allows the operator to Stop/Pause the work being performed in the Step and moves the parts on the Traveler to the 'CUED' State. 

 FR48x48Stop => Status48x48CUED

The Stop and Start buttons can be clicked multiple times to record 'INPROCESS' and 'CUED' time for the traveler with all the time stamp data being recorded.

DONE: Traveler is finished (Closed/Archived) Status20x20Archived
Only happens when the last step of the Traveler is completed, the Traveler is Closed/Archived and the Part Records attached will have a Part State as defined by the Flow Definition for the Traveler.

Change of Process State

The following figure shows how the Process State of Traveler with a connected Part Record changes when it moves through different Steps.


Note the following:

  • The Traveler and connected Part Record always have the same Process State
  • For Step 1 Track In is NOT enabled. The only state possible in this Step is the 'CUED' state. At the moment the 'Done' button on the Traveler is clicked, the Traveler will move to Step 2 without changing it's Process State
  • For Step 2 Track In IS enabled on the Step Definition. This makes it possible for Travelers to have both an 'INPROCESS'and 'CUED' state
  • Pressing the 'Start' button on the Traveler in Step 2 will change the Process State from 'CUED' to 'INPROCESS'
  • For certain configuration it is possible to move the Traveler back from 'INPROCESS' to 'CUED' by pressing the 'Stop' button i.e. Track-In feature is enabled
  • Pressing the 'Done' button in Step 2 will change the Traveler from the 'INPROCESS' state to the 'DONE' state

On the Step Definition you can determine if the Traveler will have an 'INPROCESS' state. If a Traveler starts a Step with Track-In enabled it will have a start button. Pressing the Start/Processing button will move the parts on the Traveler to the 'INPROCESS' State.
For Travelers that are in a Step with Track In enabled, the Traveler State will change from 'CUED' to 'INPROCESS' at the moment the Start Button on the Traveler  is clicked.

Part State

Beside the Process State, Part Records can have a Part State.

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