The Advanced Tab has many advanced features that should not really need changing unless you are familiar with these settings.


Upper Section

The upper section is a read-only area that contains a few attributes from the Home Tab.  In addition, the following attributes are added.

  • Password Question
  • LDAP Account
  • Passkey Set Time / Passkey Access
  • Last Activity Date
  • Last Lock Out Date
  • Last Log in Date
  • Last Password Change Date
  • User Create Date
  • Last Log In
  • Label Printer

Middle Section

  • Page Background Color: Changes the background color of the EZ-MES Application.  Value should be entered in HEX format.  i.e. FFFFFF
  • User interface language: Select the language to be used for this user.
  • User Location: Saves the location for this user
  • Disable Auto Print: Will not automatically print reports and/or labels
  • sUSERsRFIDLogin:
  • User Sequence Number
  • User Sequence Alpha
  • sUSERsDownLoadLimit
  • Auto Print Delay [ms]:
  • sUseriDaysKeepProxy:
  • Externale Document Write
  • Reset Cache: 
  • Keep Queen Form Open:
  • Job Linking: 
  • Stay Logged In:
  • Change Password when Logged In:
  • Change Password when Logged In ByPass:
  • Disable Right Click Menu:
  • Disable Automated System Emails:
  • Notes:

Client Data

Client Data is a read-only section that displays the following information.

  • Account Active
  • User Cue is Writing
  • Client Cache Size
  • iSessions
  • Interval
  • Last activity
  • Last User Cue Write


Information on the tabs of the User Object form:

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