The User System Tab host a testing platform for the Zebra printing functionality in EZ-MES.

Test Java Zebra Print

  • Java Status -  The 'Generate Java Applet' Button tests if the QZ Print Java Applet is loading correctly.
  • Client Printer Select -  This listbox contains a list of client side printers, including any label printers.  Select printer and use client side test printer
  • ZPL Sample - Use the 'Printer Commands' pull-down to load default ZPL sample code, or paste your own.
  • Printer Commands -  This pulldown contains some default ZPL sampes to use with the Client Side Test Button.
  • Current Label Printer - Read only textbox that contains the printer being used.  Write to this value using the save button on either the 'Client Printer Select' box or the 'Network Printer Address' box.


Printer Tester Help

  • Printer Test Application - Download the stand-alone printer test application.
  • Help Page Link - Help page for this page you are looking at??? why??
  • Open System Job - This action is avaiable to Admins.  It will open the System User object form.  This is where you can enable Server Side Printing, previously located in the Strings.XML or Strings_Default.XML file.
  • Server Side Enabled - Read Only, displays the value set in the System User object form.
  • HELP - Just a comment field that is currently read-only.


Server Side Print Tester

  • Network Printer Address - If you wish to test the Network Printer Address than you will need to populate the text input box with the IP Address of the network printer you wish to reach.  i.e. \\\printer01 or \\myServerName\My Printer Name



  • Generate Java Applet: Generates Java Applet
  • Client Side Test Print: Test Client Side Printing
  • Server Side Test Print: Test Server Side Printing


Information on the tabs of the User Object form:

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