All information of Equipment Definitions can be configured on the Equipment Definition Form.

The figure below shows a screen shot for this Form. Below this screen shot the different form sections will be discussed.


The form consists of the following parts:

  • Status and Creation Information: This section in the upper left corner shows when and by whom the Equipment Definition was created. The status text and the icon illustrate the current Part States of the Equipment Definition.
  • Previous and Next Button
    StatusUpdateToPending48x48 StatusUpdateToActiveLeft48x48 StatusUpdateToActiveRightGreen48x48 StatusUpdateToArchived48x48

    The state of the Equipment Definition can be changed by pressing the 'Next' button in the upper right corner. At the moment the Equipment Definition can be moved back, a Previous button will become available. 

    The sequence of states for an Equipment Definition, equal the Part States:
    Pending New48x48 => Active Status48x48Done => Closed Status20x20Archived

  • Equipment Definition Control buttons:
    • Change Part Definition Object Type: This toggles the Part Definition object type
    • Clone: Creates a new Equipment Definition using the details of this Equipment Definition. Note: Do not use 'Clone' to make a revision, use Revision Control and revisions tab instead!
    • Delete:  An Equipment Definition can only be deleted when it's in the Pending state

Equipment Definition Tabs

  • Home: The General Tab is the default tab and the form opens with this tab on top
  • Advanced: This tab provides advanced options for this Equipment Definition
  • Supplier(s): Data on the different Organization like Vendor/Supplier that provide this Equipment Definition
  • Specifications: Spec Definitions for this Equipment Definition
  • Attached Documents: Documents attached to this Equipment Definition
  • Attached Event Definitions: Event Definitions attached to this Equipment Definition
  • Bill of Materials: Bill of Materials (BOM) for this Equipment Definition
  • States: User defined Object states for this Equipment Definition
  • Where Used: Where Used is where this Equipment Definition has been used
  • Equipment Records with this Definition: Equipment Records that have this Equipment Definition
  • Revisions: Used to create Revisons of the Equipment Definition
  • Event Records: Event Records attached to this Equipment Definition
  • Blog Items: Blog/Comments is where time and user stamped entries for this Equipment Definition can be input (Also shows all state changes)
  • Access Rights: Access Rights for this Equipment Definition


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