Please note, that EZ DB Loader has been replaced by another application called EZ DB-Sync Application. It is suggested that you replace any usage of EZ DB Loader with the new application as it will no longer be supported.

The EZ_DB_Loader application is an application that uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) calls to build a local database (Target Database) based on data in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system. The MES system can be hosted at another location provided it can be accessed via the internet. The diagram below illustrates the EZ_DB_Loader general setup.



Installation and Source Code

Source Code is downloadable via our Repository.  A username and password is required to access this.  It is available by request only.  

Source Code Link

ClickOnce Installation is used to install the executable onto your computer.  Application may need to be uninstalled and reinstalled due to a change in code signing certificate as of September 2014.

Installation Link

Update procedure from version 32 and under.

Go to 'My Documents'
Help -> Check for updates
Click OK
Copy 'EZ_DBLoader_SettingFile.xml' file from 'My Documents' to another location
The application has been upgraded, and will no restart, click OK
After application restarts, the original 'EZ_DBLoader_SettingFile.xml' settings file may have been deleted.
Copy back the file into the 'My Documents' folder
Close application
Go to 'My Documents\Eazyworks', Delete the EZ_DB_Loader Folder
Relaunch the EZ DB Loader Application
Close it
Relaunch the EZ DB Loader Application a second time


Application Screenshot


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