Please note, that EZ DB Loader has been replaced by another application called EZ DB-Sync Application. It is suggested that you replace any usage of EZ DB Loader with the new application as it will no longer be supported.

Here is a link to a zip file that contains sample SQL Queries that can be used on the EZ DB Loader Target Database.

Sample SQL Queries Zip File Link

Zip file contents:

  • Viewing Name Values by UID
  • Viewing Parts by Lot Name
  • View NV Values by NV ID
  • View NV Values by NV ID - Display UID also
  • View Part Records at Flow and Step (displays Part Record Sum)
  • View Traveler with Parts info
  • View Name Values by UID
  • Pareto Name Values filtered by NVID with Date Filters and sorting options
  • View Name Values between specified Date Ranges and NV ID's


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