Please note, that EZ DB Loader has been replaced by another application called EZ DB-Sync Application. It is suggested that you replace any usage of EZ DB Loader with the new application as it will no longer be supported.


Step 1

Make sure you have installed the EZ DB-Loader Application, and configured the EZ DB-Loader Application Settings


Step 2

Configure the tables in the Target Database by creating the JSON Script Files. All JSON Script files should be placed in the system folder specified in the EZ DB Loader application settings.  

The JSON files define the following:

  • the tables
  • column names
  • column data types for the target database

This is explained in detail in the EZ DB-Loader Script Files.


Step 3

Use the application

Make the Target Database

  1. On the first run, you can create the Target Database.
  2. You should see the messagebox indicating 'Made DB', 'Made Tables', and 'Made Index(es)'.  Errors will be reported otherwise.
  3. Check the SQL Server to double check all the tables are present.  Each JSON Script file should create a table.


Fill the tables of the Target Database

Click the icon to begin the process of writing from EZ-MES to the Target database.  This will be running on the idle loop you specified.



Verify Data Tables with Query

Create a simple query to view the data in one of the tables.




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