This tab allows you to specify multiple Part States for tracking purposes.  Suppose you have a Part that can be in a 'Inspected' State and in a 'Non-Inspected'.  You may not want to have seperate Part Numbers for the two States, so by creating unique States, it now allows you to have counts of each State created. Those parts are known as 'Virtual Parts'. The States that you create should not be confused with the predefined available Part States.


The Tab has the following options

Add Suffix

Type in the name you wish to give as a Part State, e.g. 'Tested', 'Non-Tested', 'Engineering', etc., then click the 'Add/Edit' icon.

Edit Suffix

The Default suffix does not contain a suffix name, and cannot be edited. 

However, if you created your own suffix name you can select it from the pull-down menu for editing.  Once selected, you then move back up to the 'Add Suffix' textbox and type the new suffix name.  Now hit the 'Add/Edit Icon and the suffix name will now change to the new value.

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