There are many options to consider when developing an Access Rights strategy.  But for this example, we will demonstrate a situation in which we would want our Contract Manufacturer to have access to our application.  However, we only want our Contract Manufacturer to be able to access Travelers that are started by our pre-configured Flow Definition.   We created this Flow Definition specifically for the process they perform for us.  This give us better high visibility of our product moving through there production lines.

Creating Users

We will first need to Create New Accounts for our contract manufacturers.

User1: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

User2: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These two particular users will both be defined as a 'Non-Role' in the User Configuration. This will initially make the Users not able to view anything.  We will later grant access to those items we want the Contract Manufactures to access.



Creating User Group

User Group: Contract Manufacturer

First Create a New User Group, and add the newly created Users to the 'Contract Manufacturer' User Group.

This is an example of how this particular User Group is configured.  You can see that we added two faux users from our Contract Manufacturers company. 

When setting up Groups that are to have restrictions, it is important to understand teh user data role data as well.



Flow Definition Setup

To begin with, we will select the Flow Definition that is designed specifically for our Contract Manufacture.  It is called 'CM Flow'  A simple 3 step Flow for demonstration purposes.



Because we already created a new User Group, we can now select it and add it to the 'Access Rights user Group' tab as shown below.


With the Flow completed, it may help to take a look at how the Access Rights are inherited to other Objects in the application, Access Rights - Basic Diagram.

Providing Menu Group/Items Access Rights

As mentioned earlier, we now need to give the contract manufacturer Group Access Rights to the Menu system.  Otherwise when they log in they will have a blank desktop.

We wish to only provide the Contract Manufacturer Group access to view active travelers. 

  1. To do this open the Application and User Settings
  2. Click on the Open User Management Icon
  3. And then choose the Menu Item Tab
  4. Click the 'FRViewActNowList' from the 'Name' column in the listbox.  This is the Menu Item that opens the 'Active Traveler Listbox'.


With the Menu Item Configuration open, you can now add Access Rights for the Contract Manufacturer Group.  Scroll down to the bottom of the form where to the area labeled 'Access Rights User Group:'

Choose 'Contract Manufacturer' from the Add Group pull-down as shown below.


Now that Access Rights are completed for the Menu Item as well, the Group will now have an icon available to click to open the Active Traveler Listbox.

Creating Travelers

Now that the configuration of the Access Rights is completed, you can begin starting Travelers with the restricted Flow Definition.  This will now allow the users to view those Travelers only.

Note that these restrictions do not prevent your other Roles from viewing the travelers. 

Test your first created Traveler under the restricted flow definition and log in under the restricted user account.


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