Adding a New Menu Item (Icon)

This document walks you through the process of adding new Menu Items to the desktop.

  1. Click the Configuration Menu Desktop
  2. Click the Menu Item / Menu Group Icon
  3. Click the Icon to Create new Menu Item

Now that you have the new Menu Item form open it is time to populate the information.

  • Menu Item Name: Provide a Menu Item Name
  • Index: This index number is the position that its drawn in.
  • Description: Optional, description to help remind you what this menu item should do
  • Add Menu Item: You will add this Menu Item to MG14-000000027 Queen Main Desktop to keep all icons consistently in one Menu Group
  • sMIoOnClick: This command will vary depending on what you desire.
  • Tool Tip: This text will provide a description to the end user when the mouse hovers above it
  • Drawing Type: Select ‘Image’ for all standard icons
  • sMIsClassName: Choose an existing classname or one created using the Using your own images for Menu Icons
  • oGM: {iH:104,iW:104, sMar:'8px' }
    • Geometry – This is your typical setting.  You may add the option bClr: true as mentioned below.
  • oSt: {sCBg:'#E9E9Ec'}
    • Style – you should always use this setting for desktop icons.


Menu Group

This Menu Group contains all the Menu Items (aka Icon) for every User Login.  Each Menu Item contains the specific access rights for the User Groups.  When the User logs into the system they will see the Icons that their User Group is allowed to see.

  1. System Settings
  2. Menu Group / Menu Item Configuration
  3. Menu Group Filter,  [use the appropriate filters]
  4. Menu Group within the Listbox
  5. Actual Menu Group that contains the Icons (Menu Items)

Force New Line of Menu Items (optional)

If you would like to make sure your set of Menu Items begin on a new line you should use the attribute


This attribute can be set on the Menu Item itself and is part of the oGM (Geometry) setting.  Think of this as a ‘Page Break’. 



Menu Item Tester

The Menu Item tester is found on the actual Menu Item itself.  After you have configured the Menu Item you can then generate the Test Menu Item. 

  1. Click the Menu Item Generator.  If configured you will now see a Generated Menu Item to the left of the Menu Item form. 
  2. Click the Generated Menu Item to see if it functions as desired.
  3. If it does not function as desired, you the Clear Menu Item button and repeat configuration and test.

Other helpful information