After creation, the specifications can be used to create part specific behaviour on Spec Definitions using special Name Value Data Entries.

The following figure gives a step by step description on how Specification Definitions can be attached to a Part Definition and how the Spec Value can be defined: (Note: Step Definitions can only be added when the Part Definitions is in the 'Pending' State).


Take the following steps:

  1. Open the Part Definition Form for the part you want to create the Specification, and click the Specifications Tab
  2. Select the Spec Definition from the Pull Down (or create a new Spec Definition by selecting '-- Add New Spec --')
  3. Press the 'Add Spec' Button
  4. After the Spec Definition appears in the Spec Definition Listbox, you can assign a Spec Value that is specific for this Part Definition

On the Spec Definition Form / Where Used Tab, the list of where the Spec is used for Part Definitions is displayed. In the example below only one Part Definition is currently using the Specification 'Thickness'.


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