One of the main Part Record Attributes is the Quantity. The quantity defines the amount of units the Part Record represents in connection with the real world part.

It is possible to change the quanity for Part Records on the Traveler, or use NV Quantity Edit to change the quantity.

How to manually change the Part Record Quantity

It can happen that the actual quantity of a batch is different from the quantity that is recorded in EZ-MES. To keep full traceability, EZ-MES does NOT allow you to directly edit the quantity Attributie of the Part Record. on the Part Record Form. You have to define a new Step Definitions or modify an existing one that will perform this change:

  • Create or us a Step Definition that you can call for example: 'Change Part Quantity'. Or modify an existing Step Definition you would like to use to perform this action.
  • If you do not have a Flow Definition where you would like to change the Part Record Quantity, and create or use the 'Use Part Type'.

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