On the Execution DesktopListbox can be opened containing all Part Records that are currently in the EZ-MES system.

Note: To prevent that the user is overwhelmed with Part Records, it is very likely that only the Part Records of the last couple of weeks or months are visible, remove possible filters to see all Part records, or search by Filtering Listboxes

The following figure shows a screenshot for the Listbox containing the Part Records. Clicking one of the rows in the Listbox will open the Part Record Form for that specific Part Record. When the Part Record is known It is also possible to find Part Records by using F9.

Part Record Listbox


The following columns are shown in the Part Record listbox:

  • Lot
    Shows the Lots to which this part belongs. If you did not define any Lots in the configuration, this columns will show up empty.
  • UID
    Unique Identifier: This column show the Unique Identifier that is assigned to this specific Part Record

Preset Filter Buttons

On the left Button are located to set Preset Filter buttons for Filtering Listboxes

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