Default Part Record NV Display

It is possible to modify the Name Values that are displayed on the Part Records Form. You can choose to display specific Name Values and you can also sequence the order in which they are displayed.

By default, all Part Records will display up to 10 Name-Values on the Home Tab.  The order of display is defaulted to the sequence number(s) of Step Definition NV Entries.

This is how a default Part Record would look without any modifications.



Modifying Part Record NV Display

In order to modify the Name Values and also the order in which NV's are displayed, you must first open the Part Definition associated with the Part Record.

You will need to choose the 'Advanced Tab' and find the 'Add Name-Values to appear on Part Record' section.  Simply choose the Name-Value and assign a Sequence number for the display order.

NV Display Configuration



Resulting Display



Removing Unwanted Display Values

To remove NV's that you have previously added to be displayed, you must perform the following actions.

  1. Clear out the Name-Value  (NV) field value
  2. Select the Sequence number you want to remove
  3. Click the icon to remove item

You NV-Display should now reflect the removal, and the Part Record form will reflect the changes as well.  See the sample images below.

Editing NV Display



Part Record NV Display Edited



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