The Part Record Form shows the Part Record information. The form consists of multiple areas, as shown in the following figure:


General Information section contains all Part Record information related to a real world part. The Part Record has the following attributes:

  • The first attribute has the Part Definition
  • The Traveler attribute shows to which traveler the Part Record is connected to
  • The Step attribute tells on which Step Definition the Part Record is.
  • The Process States gives information about the state of the Step where the part is currently located
  • By using the NV Unique ID unique Serial Numbers or Batch Numbers can be assigned to a Part Record
  • The Quantity Attribute shows the number of parts in the Part Record

sections below will discuss each of the Areas in more detail:

  • Print and Refresh Buttons

    Print Traveler in new Browser Window Print Preview in new Popup Window Refresh the Form
    At the top of the form the buttons can be pressed to refresh the form, to get a Print Preview in a new popup, and to Print Reports in a new Browser Window. By using the Print Preview, you are able to adjust the settings for the Print Out, this way you can configure what information is printed on the Traveler.

  • Status and Creation Information

    Traveler is waiting to be processed Traveler is in Processing State
    Section that shows that the Part States.

  • Control Function Buttons

    Button to place a Part from a Traveler to a Hold Traveler
    Dependent on the Access Rights of the user different control buttons can be available for the user. For operators only the Hold button is available to place the Part Record from the current Traveler to a Hold Traveler. 

  • Tabs

    Tabs can be used to access different sections of the Part Record. The following tabs are available:

    • General: Main entry point for Travelers
    • Attached Parts: Will show the attached Part Records
    • Specs: Get an overview of the Spec Definitions of the current parts that are on this Part Record.
    • Instructions: Will show a list of Documents specifically for this Operation. Click this tab to find the Work Instructions for example when they are attached.
    • Attachments: To add attachements to this Traveler, e.g. to report defects.
    • Blog: Add a blog entry to this Traveler

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